Recently a friend had a heart attack. This started a whole new life of changes: better diet and lots of exercise. His friends encouraged him and he seemed to be making progress when he became to have chest pains.

Immediately, his doctor sent him to the hospital for a heart examination.

When I visited the following day he was still waiting to be called. Several friends and church members had stopped in to pray and support he and his wife.

It had been just a few years ago when I had a stroke which caused me to lose my side vision in both eyes. My friends and church members drove me wherever I needed to go.

Now my friends are in need of help. Today when I visited my friends were waiting for the doctors to release him.

Even in the most difficult situations we need to follow the example of Jesus and love our brothers and sisters as ourselves. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and provides us the grace and strength every step of the way.