January 15 will be the remembrance of the life and death of Rev. Martin Luther King.
I will never forget the “I HAVE A DREAM” speech and later the marches and protests. And finally, the assassination of this courageous man. In Baltimore, where we were living at the time there was rioting and destruction.
Perhaps, without even realizing it Reverend King’s courage influenced my choice of topics for writing.
My first book was “A Tale of Two Brothers, The Story of the Wright Brothers”. I now was living in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and working as an elementary Guidance Counselor.
Whenever I questioned the fifth or sixth graders about what they wanted to be, their answers were dancers, singers or sports player. I choose to present a career day to expose the them to a greater variety of occupations.
Then I wrote about the Wright Brothers who attempted to succeed where many others had tried and failed.
Later I wrote an historic fiction novel about the struggles of a young black boy just after the Civil War. After failing to manage a feisty horse while a young girl mounted the buggy, he was goaded into entering a swamp to locate the Swamp Woman who could heal those near dying. Joshua Jordan then aspires to become a healer himself. “Joshua’s Journey” is a moving tale which hopefully will inspire those with few resources to set goals which help not only themselves but others also.
Even those with sever disabilities can overcome. My daughter was born in 1962 in rural Vermont. Kathy had Downs Syndrome. At the time the only solution was institutionalization.
Thankfully, Maryland had other resources such as a Day School. Although Kathy lived at home, after age 21 she attended a Resources Center. When I moved to North Carolina Kathy moved into a Group Home. There she lived until her death at age 51. When I went through her papers, I found a coloring of a butterfly she had done. I felt she was saying to me. “Mom, I’m OK now. I’m with Jesus.” So, Kathy too has overcome. Her book is entitled’ “THE BUTTERFLY, A MOTHER’s STORY OF HER DOWNS SYNDROME DAUGHTER”.


“Into the light,” this phrase keeps coming back to me. What does it mean? Light helps you determine where you are. Recently, I visited the Hopi reservation with my church group to serve the Thanksgiving dinner. It was a wonderful experience, but in the middle of serving, I needed to use the restroom. I quietly closed the door without remembering to turn on the light first. There I was in whole darkness feeling around for the light switch. What a relief when I finally turned the switch and light appeared.

This brought back memories of a childhood experience. As I crossed the hallway to go into my bedroom, someone turned off the hallway light. Standing in pitch dark I started to scream, waking up my whole family. I was too embarrassed to admit I was still afraid of the dark.

We all need light to know where we are going. Christ told us to be the light of the world. What a awesome responsibility. I look forward to the day when I will see the Eternal Light of Christ in heaven someday. What a marvelous sight that will be!

Lord, Help me to be the person you created me to be. Amen Continue reading “OVERCOME: INTO THE LIGHT”