Our Pastor’s sermon today was on “A Sense of Wonder.”

Young children seem to naturally have a sense of wonder about many things. Unfortunately, as we grow older we seem to lose this feeling of awe and replace it by the ordinary demands of life.

Our many trails seem to weigh us down and we lose this awe of God and His world and work in us.

Many individuals with disabilities have this unique gift of seeing beyond situations and have a purpose and sense of wonder in their daily lives.

An elderly blind man who lost his sight in middle age, greets every individual with, “Isn’t it a beautiful day.”

He seems to feel the uniqueness of each day as special.

Gracie who is unable to speak clearly and is wheelchair bound, always tries to say hello and reaches to give me a hug. I always get a Christmas card in which she writes her name as best she can.

My own daughter, Kathy, who had Down’s Syndrome. is delighted to greet people and had her own fan club.

She learned to say The Lord’s Prayer but was always a word behind. After she died, church members would tell me they were still waiting for Kathy’s “Amen.”

A wrote a piece about seeing God’s care in finding a bird’s feather. Even now people who hear the story are giving me feathers.

How wonderful that God signals His presence in different ways.

But His greatest gift was that of His son to teach us love and then to pay the price of our transgressions through His life and death.

After He rose from the grave He continued to tell His disciplines to teach His message of love to all the peoples of the earth and lastly He promised to be with us always, even in our most difficult trails.

What a sense of wonder we can have because our

God is always with us and always for us!


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