Recently I read an article from a devotional book, Tune My Heart to Sing, from Our Daily Bread. Songs have always been a way of helping me focus on God’s goodness and guidance.

Even though I can no longer sing in a choir, I continue to add my elderly voice in praise of my Savior.

It is difficult to accept the loss of skills as I continue to age.

My recent falls, surgeries and therapy sessions have taxed my mood. No longer am I the cheery old lady who smiles at adults and children alike. I have to confess I am that grumpy old lady no one likes to meet.

Have I asked God why me? The answer comes back “Pick up your cross and follow me.” Is it easy, because it is God answering? No way. In fact it is much harder because I know Jesus did it first, and he expects me to follow because he loves me and did it for the whole world first. So Just As I AM, grump or not I come.

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