This is July 4th, 2018. One day not long ago a young lady said to me,”This is the anniversary of my Baptism. I was taken back because I had never heard that expression before.

Curious about my own Baptismal date, I returned home and found my Baptismal certificate. To my overwhelming surprise I discovered my Baptismal anniversary was July 4th, 1937.

I was baptized in St. Ann’s Church in Toledo, Ohio. An Edward and Julia Clancy were my sponsors. Now, I knew the day I was set free and became a child of God.

The enormity of this action never penetrated my consciousness until one day my pastor illustrated the reality of Christ’s death in my life by the very large letters in red Jesus plus nothing.

Finally this miracle registered. I was eighty years old when I learned Jesus was my Savior.

Then I fall and broke my left hip. One operation later, four weeks in the habitation center, having to depend upon others for most of my needs, my physical life has totally changed but I have the joy of knowing Jesus died for me and soon I will see Him face to face.

What joy indeed to be His child, even in my physical distress, He is my Shepherd and won’t leave me behind. Amen

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