The gospels report several times when Jesus went off be himself, to pray.

These examples suggest to us that communicating our needs to God, the Father, are necessary in order to strengthen our bond with our creator.

Many years ago when my oldest daughter was a teenager, she was going through some difficulty and ran away just before Christmas. After attending the Christmas service in which I implored God to return her I noticed some geraniums blooming. These flowers had been dormant since October when I brought them inside for the winter.

At that moment I knew she was safe. At supper-time there was a knock on the front door. When I opened it there stood a young girl with a lollipop in her mouth.

After I earned my Masters in School Counseling. I was told there were no openings in  Baltimore County so I asked God to find me a job in Dare county, North Carolina. He did not. Instead when I interviewed in Dare the gentlemen suggested I try Currituck County.

After applying and having an interview I was given an elementary counselor’s job. My orginal office was in the school book room. Later I graduated to an office inside the school building. That job was one of the most satisfying ones I ever had.

The new job required my move to North Carolina, where we owned a beach house. I was delighted but my Down’s Syndrome daughter started acting out.

Eventually, we had to hospitalize her. As I drove back on the beach, I prayed,”Father, if you don’t send your grace, I’ll never get through this!” As I looked up, on the hill there stood Grace Lutheran Church. The next Sunday I was there.

My sister was in a coma for three weeks. When we had a prayer service I sat in for her. The very next day, she opened her eyes and said her name.

There are times God does not answer your prayers. When my husband suddenly took ill and was flown to Cheapeake hospital. I kept hearing, “On wings of an eagle.”

It was three weeks of suffering for him when finally the doctors agreed there was no more they could do. He was released from his machines and the pastor blessed him.

Three hours later he passed. I knew he was safe with Jesus. God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we ask but in a way that is best for us. Thank you, God, that you care for us so much, you even let your son die for our wrong-doings.

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