Like any young animal or human, Teddy finds more things to get into than I could ever imagine.

The closest I can remember are two small, young terriers we picked up in Vermont. Our yard was always filled with trash they gathered from the yards of neighbors.

The event that topped all others was the day they cooperated in taking the lady’s nylon slip from her clothes line in the yard across the street.

Teddy has found a new object to destroy, my daughter’s plastic red drinking cup. He couldn’t be happier than he is right now.

When I returned from watering the flowers this morning I discovered pieces of a large cardboard box all over the kitchen floor. I have no doubt is was a cooperative effort between Teddy and my daughter’s two beagles.

When they join forces, the three of them can be quite destructive. Thankfully, they didn’t get beyond the cardboard box, the prize was inside, a twenty-five pound bag of dog food.

The beagles have fallen asleep but Teddy continues his pursuit of the total dismemberment of the plastic red cup.

Life is somewhat like this. One person starts a task, others join in until sleep overtakes them.

Hopefully, our pursuit of godliness, which often comes at a price, doesn’t overwhelm us so much, we stop and sleep.

May we become more like Teddy and not give-up on the pursuit of goodness.

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