It is truly amazing how one little fall can totally change one’s life. At 81, I have been completely independent: taking Ollie classes, doing two Bible studies a week, shopping and enjoying this mile-high city of Prescott.

I tell people God moved me from sea-level in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to this mountain city of Prescott, Arizona. What does that mean? First of all, It means God is in charge, not me.

That fact sure has been brought home to me recently, with my fall and the breaking of my hip.

Now, I am totally dependent on others for rides to church, getting my food, cleaning my home and walking the three dogs.

The physical therapist has visited twice and assigned me exercises. One is riding my exercise bike for 15 minutes. Not immediately but eventually. How’s five minutes for a start?

The charge nurse has directed,”Don’t walk without your cane or walker.” It appears that research has shown that once you fall, you are likely to fall again.

Like I said, “God’s in charge, not me.” With the many changes in my life I know better then to insist on my way.

Better listen!” Judy. Isn’t it amazing now quickly life changes.

Yes, it is hard but, like I said,”God’s in charge, not me!”

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