Unplanned Change

One of my daughter, Kathy’s favorite animals was the penguin. She loved the video, “Happy Feet.”

Since her death, I also have become fond of the penguin because of the toughness of these creatures and their persistence in enduring hardship.

Recently, my life took a drastic change. I took Teddy out to relief  himself at 5:45 am and fell on the concrete driveway. After crawling across the driveway to a bench, I waited for my daughter to bring out her dogs.

When she arrived and found me shaking from the pain and cold, she insisted on calling an ambulance. Although the drivers were very kind, every movement was painful.

After X-rays, it was determined I had a broken hip and needed an operation. After that life became a blur . Four days later I was moved to  the Good Samaritan Rehab facility where I remained for three weeks.

Needless to say, my life has totally changed. The restrictions such as no bending, crossing legs, needing to use a walker or cane have greatly limited my activities.

What are God’s plans for me now? Well it won’t be the five-day bus trip to Yosemite I had planned with a friend. Right now it seems to be a lot of sleeping and visits from church friends.

Thank you, God for Your care even when it means a change of plans.

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