The last two weeks I have begun an art class based on Julia Cameron’s books “The Artist’s Way”. She suggests we need to return to our sense of creativity which we enjoyed as children.

As adults it is so easy to become overwhelmed by our arches and pains, our loss of flexibility, our limited income, now that we are retired and the loss of friends through death.

All of these situations can cause us to lose our sense of play and wonder. When my husband was alive we enjoyed packing up our photo equipment and heading off to some interesting spot and taking pictures of birds and trees and just enjoying being in nature.

The move to Prescott.AZ meant I had to begin all over again. Starting at the community college was the first step. After singing in the community chorus, I branched out to courses in sociology  which I enjoyed but found it a lot of reading and papers leading to a group project, which can be fun if everyone does their part but when one person fails to fulfill their part it can be very disappointing.

But the joy of creating a collage or clay pot and cutting up magazines and arranging and interesting picture with glue, paint and paint sticks is just plain fun! It leads to joy and satisfaction of just being free to create something interesting. So at eighty I,m a child again enjoying planting rose bushes, taking pictures and loving the spontaneity of creating again.IMG_0729.JPG

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