For two and a half years my assignment had been the sewing room. It was my least favorite thing to do. I even tried mass producing but I got caught by the sister in charge and was told that’s not how it should be done.

When I entered the novitiate, I was sure my opportunity had come for  a more stimulating role but to my disappointment I was reassigned to the sewing room, only this time we were sewing dolls to be sold in the gift shop.

My third year began with the same assignment and my disappointment with convent life. When I returned home my father told me my uncle had a job for me at his dress shop in Washington, DC. Happily, I went. The day after my arrival my uncle showed me the sewing area.

Thankfully I met my husband at the college I attended. We were married the following year and had two children Actually, now the knowledge of sewing came in handy as i made all my maturity clothes and the babies gowns.

Now at age eighty, I’m thankful for those many years of sewing because I now am able to sew little dolls for the missionaries to give to little girls.So those many years past God did

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