“I KNOW YOUR NAME” By Judith A. Dempsey God reveals Himself to each of us in ways that are as different as we are. At one women’s retreat I heard the phrase, “I call you by your name.” That day the phrase took on a special meaning for me. Of course, God knows my name but to call me by my name implied a special intimacy between us. I was special to God. He knew my name and, also called me by that name. Who was I, that the God of the universe, the Creator of all that is. should call me by my name? My parents called me by name, my siblings also, my friends and even strangers called me by name, but God! That knowledge as the Psalmists says is too wonderful for me to totally grasp. Yet it is true. God has said so! I am overwhelmed and awestruck. Who am I that God knows my name? His Child! His creature! His handiwork! I am His! I belong to Him! Yet He has given me the ability to make choices! So, blessed I am, as are all creatures of earth and sky. As I process this truth I confess I haven’t always honored this truth and certainly will fail to many more times before I die. But just being more conscious of this should make me more aware of how important I am to God. Hopefully, this knowledge will make me more sensitive to His eternal presence with me and become more intuitive to His directions for my daily life!

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