Since breaking my hip and learning to walk again I am waddling just like a penguin.

If waddle I must, I’ll waddle just to stay afloat. It makes me think of the penguins who live in the world’s most inhospitable climates on earth.

As a young mother with a daughter in preschool, my husband and I became friends with Jean Worthly , who later had her own TV Show. Jean’s husband had traveled to Antarctica to study the penguins.

My husband, Jack, and I invited the Worthlies over for dinner several times. Each occasion was filled with laughter and fellowship.

Even today as I waddle my way through each day, attempting to survive without falling again, I am grateful for all the prayers and food from church friends, I am glad to have memories from years ago to remember the friends that encouraged me to use my God-given talents to become the kind of person who has been able to support those in need of help.

The advise from the penguin is to, “Dive into life, and find warmth among friends.”

Even Jesus, found comfort in friends. So as I waddle through my days and continue to heal, I am grateful for all the prayers and encouragement from friends who continue to nourish me in Jesus’ name.

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