Joshua’s Journey


Joshua's JourneyJoshua’s Journey is the story of a twelve-year-old African American boy born just after the Civil War. Joshua’s carelessness results in an accident that leaves the daughter of his plantation owner unconscious. His sister shames him into finding the Swamp Woman, a mysterious local folk healer. Her decoction heals Melinda Mae. Joshua decides he too wants to become a healer. This story chronicles the tremendous difficulties he had to overcome as he confronts prejudice, segregation, an inadequate education, the loss of benefactors, and financial crises to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor. As an old man, Joshua revisits his youth in a series of flashbacks. As he shares his experiences with his family and students, he realizes that even though he is old, he can still help others triumph over some of the same struggles he experienced.



Barnes & Nobles


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